Bubble Football - fotbal in baloane - body zorb football - is a recreational sport invented by two Norwegians in 2008. The players use inflatable bubbles (body zorbs) that surround them, protecting their torso and their head. The game can be played on grass, artificial turf or indoors.

We bring this sport closer to you, in Bucharest, Romania giving you the possibility to spend your free time doing an energy-filled fun activity !

A game for all

Boy or girl, young or old, jump into action!
(see rules)

More fun

Run around, roll around, bump and shove without bruises

Be the best!

Challenge your friends to a novel game. Win and be the best player!

You can play:

Bubble Football

The rules are similar to regular 5v5 football (soccer): each team must score as many goals as possible. Except, in this case, they can try to bump into and knock down the members of the opposing team.
No dribbling skills or previous football experience are necessary!

Tara, Tara, Vrem Ostasi
(British Bulldog - style)

This beloved childhood game has just arrived to the next level! Each team forms a wall and then must send one of their members to crash through their opponents’ line.
If they can spot a weakness and succeed, they will be able to grab an opposing member and integrate him/her into their own team.
The game ends when one team completely merges into the other.

Last Man Standing

This activity can be played as two teams or as a free-for-all brawl.

  • • Teamed up, the players can strategize and establish a plan to knock down their opponents in an organized – yet fun – manner. The last team or man standing is the winner.
    Who will prevail: the best strategy, or the strongest force?
  • • In the free-for-all version, everybody needs to fend for their selves. Alliances may be formed on the field, but only one leader will remain standing.

Bubble Sumo

This game is played 1v1. The object of the game is to push the opponent outside the circle they are in, or knock him/her to the ground

Perfect for:

Birthday Present

Celebrate your birthday in the wackiest way, or surprise your best friend.

Bachelor Party

Is your friend getting married? This is the last chance to knock some sense into him...literally!


A creative activity that involves cooperation, strategy, communication, breaking limits, but also lots of fun.

We had a lot of fun at Medifun with these bubbles, something awesome! Uber cool! :D

— Paul


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Great fun!!!! Will definitely play again!!!

— Karen K


Where can we find you?
In Bucharest, Romania. For personalized events in other locations, please contact us

What is the minimum number of players?
On the pitch there can be 10 players at the same time, But come in larger numbers, and you can take turns playing :)

What must I wear?
Sports clothes and shoes (e.g.: no sandals, fancy shoes etc. ) Wearing eyeglasses, jewellery and sharp accessories is forbidden during play

Where can we play?
On any pitch without sharp objects or rough surfaces : on grass, artificial turf, indoors
*The pitch must have access to an electricity source

Who can play, are there any rules?
Bubble Football is an activity which requires a certain measure of effort. Anybody who is capable of some effort can play
Restrictions: Height min 1.5m, max 2m; Weight: max 90-100 kg (200-220 lb)

Who CANNOT play?
Persons that do not fit the above restrictions. Also, persons that have known neck or back issues, or pregnant women.

Is drinking allowed during play?
Absolutely not! Players cannot consume alcoholic beverages during play or during breaks .

Is the price fixed?
The price is negotiable for larger periods of time or for personalized events.

How can we pay?
Cash on location, or in advance by bank transfer.

A little bit tiring, but worth it!

— Bogdan B


15 EUR (~70 RON) / participant / hour + pitch rental cost
The price is valid for a minimum of 10 participants
Pentru for other details please contact us

Our pitch

We do not have a fixed location, but we do have some partner pitches
The pitch rental cost varies between 70-200 RON/h (15-40 EUR), based on pitch type (outdoors/covered), date and time of day.
Thank you, we will want to repeat this experience!

— Crina A


We work with both event organizers and people who just want to have fun

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Bubble Football is cooooooooooool! Absolutely loved it! :))))
— Ruxandra T

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