Have you ever played Giant Jenga (also called the Unstable Tower) at home in your living room? Well, now you can play the giant version of it in your yard. This is an awesome activity for indoor or outdoor patry or teambuilding!

How to Play

  • - Players take turns in extracting a piece then place it above the tower
  • - The first three levels are "off limits" except when there are no other moveable pieces
  • - A piece that has been moved needs to be extracted all the way
  • - The player during whose turn the tower collapses is the loser

Game Specifications

  • - 54 pieces arranged 3/level
  • - Initial height of ~ 60cm
  • - Can double in size
  • - Hand-made


  • - The game is for rent, per day
  • - For pricing details please contact us

Contact us

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